Finishing Zippo

Berikut ini Jenis2 Finishing Zippo dan Coating dalam Bahasa Inggris.

Finishing zippo Standart

Brushed chrome models ” Considered by many Zippo purists to be the “classic Zippo”, the brushed model continues to be a best selling Zippo lighter all over the world. The solid brass case is chrome plated and then buffed and brushed to give a sophisticated and understated brushed chrome finish.”

Finishing zippo Brushed chrome

High polished chrome models ” The Zippo high polish chrome windproof pocket lighter, in common with all Zippo lighter cases, is made out of solid brass. The brass case is plated with chrome and then highly polished to give a pure and mirror like finish”

Finishing zippo High polished chrome dapat dilihat pada zippo kode 250

Brushed brass “Did you know that all Zippo windproof lighter case are made out of solid brass?…well you do now! The solid brass case is buffed and brushed to give a sophisticated and understated brushed brass finish.

Finishing zippo Brushed brass

High polish brass models ” All Zippo windproof lighter cases are made out of solid brass. The solid brass case is industrially polished to give a highly polished finish”

Finishing zippo High polish brass

Zippo Street Chrome “A bit of urban rough! These lighters look like they’ve been kicked around the street and are scuffed. Don’t worry about scratching your new Zippo – it already is!”

Finishing zippo Street Chrome

Antique models ” Zippo’s unparalleled manufacturing process creates an antique aged finish on the classic windproof pocket lighter”
Finishing zippo Antique ini menimbulkan kesan antik , berumur tua dan klasik.

Black Ice Models ” A high tech PVD process bonds a luminous micro thin, scratch resistant coating to a classic chrome plated lighter in Black Ice, giving a black, mirror-like finish.”
Finishing zippo Black ice membuat permukaan zippo berwarna hitam mengkilap seperti cermin dan tampak seperti balok es hitam yang membeku,  lapisan coating yang tahan gores.

Spectrum Models ” Zippo’s spectrum finish shimmers with rainbow highlights. The kaleidoscope of colours varies on every lighter, making each one unique”

Finishing zippo Spectrum

Zipguard Model “Get a grip!..with the Zippo “Zip-Guard” lighter. The Zip Guard features a studded, hard rubber surface area wrapped around a classic brushed chrome lighter, giving added durability on an already durable product!”

Finishing zippo Zipguard

Black krackle Model ” From 1943 through to the end of World War II, Zippo’s entire production was allocated to the US armed forces. Because of a shortage of raw materials during the war, Zippo lighters of that time were made of steel and dipped in black protective coating to prevent rusting, then heat treated to a krackled black finish. Model 236 although made of solid brass, in common with all Zippo lighter cases, replicates the external black krackle finish on the cases of World War II Zippo lighters”

Finishing zippo Black krackle

Realtree Models “Realtree is America’s most versatile camouflage pattern. It blends natural colours, lifelike shadows, and photo realistic branches and leaves into an incredibly three-dimensional camouflage. The miniature pattern reveals wide contrast from light to dark, yet it is so neutral that it disappears into virtually any outdoor setting. Because Realtree is a dipped coating applied through an immersion process, every lighter displays different views of the all over large pattern”

Finishing zippo Realtree

Finishing zippo Modern

Chrome Arch and Herringbone Sweep “An interesting angle on Zippo’s classic brushed chrome finish. Directional brushing results in a creative pattern design with a look of traditional brushed chrome, but with a fresh new perspective in either an arch or herringbone pattern”

Finishing zippo Chrome Arch and Herringbone Sweep


Framed Chrome ” Another spin on Zippo’s classic brushed chrome finish. The front and reverse surfaces are vertical brushed chrome, but the outside edge surfaces are black matte. So is brushed chrome or black matte? Both…it’s Framed, a hot new look for an old favourite.”

Finishing zippo Framed Chrome


Finishing zippo klasik

Venetian Pattern ” First released by Zippo in 1974, the Venetian is still one of Zippo’s most popular lighters. For over three decades, the timeless front and reverse floral pattern continues to be the most globally appealing lighter design Zippo has ever released”

Finishing zippo Venetian

Vintage models ” Zippo’s Vintage models have a more squared off shape which are reminiscent of the first styles produced by Zippo in the 1930’s. Available in classic high polish chrome, brushed chrome, high polished brass, and brushed brass finishes”

Finishing zippo Vintage

1935 Replica “The 1935 lighter, one-eighth inch shorter than subsequent models, was manufactured for less than three years, and is one of the most collectable lighters in Zippo’s history. Like the original, the 1935 Replica features a three- barrel outside hinge joining the lid and bottom, an open hollow rivet that secures the flint wheel to the inside unit, a flat bottom case, and slashes on the opposite corners of the face and back surfaces. A distinctive bright brushed chrome finish and unique bottom stamp identify the 1935 Replica.”

Finishing zippo 1935 Replica

1941 Replica “Several distinctive characteristic distinguish the 1941 Replica from today’s familiar Zippo windproof lighter. The 1941 case has flat planes with sharper less rounded edges where the front and back surfaces meet the sides. The lid and bottom are joined with a four-barrel hinge, just as they are on the original 1941 design. The current Zippo lighter has a five-barrel hinge. The inside unit also closely replicates the design of the original 1941 inside unit.”

Finishing zippo 1941 Replica

Armor models “Zippo’s ARMOR lighter cases are about 1.5 times as thick as a standard Zippo lighter case. A distinctive bottom stamp authenticates these chrome and solid brass lighters as heavy walled Amor”

Finishing zippo Armor

Pipe models “The Zippo pipe lighter is made to the same high quality standards as a Zippo windproof pocket lighter, but designed for the special needs of pipe smokers. The ingenious design encases the flame in metal, allowing it to be drawn directly into the pipe without bending over the side. The result, perfectly lit tobacco, with no damage to the pipe”

Finishing zippo Pipe

All Matte finish models ” A durable powder paint matte coated finish available in a rainbow of colours”